It’s nearly Christmas, a time when we, the Church, have such a great opportunity to share the good news of Jesus Christ coming into the world. During this season many people are open to coming to church to sing carols and to join in with our celebrations. This year, I wanted to invite people to find out more and dive deeper into the Christmas story. This inspired me to write Gift of Christmas!

This book celebrates our cherished Christmas traditions in the UK and shows how they all point to Jesus Christ. Nativity plays, gift-giving and even Christmas puddings – they all point to Him! The one that came that first Christmas, the bringer of real life, joy, peace, hope and love.

To bring the book to life, we collaborated with a young talented illustrator, which has given the book a great look and feel. Alexandra Drew from Faith in Later Life said, ‘Wow, this is gorgeous.’

Stephen Walker-Williams, Pastor and Team Leader of Gold Hill Baptist Church, will be using the book in his church this Christmas. He shared:

‘The Gift of Christmas is a beautifully produced explanation of the Christmas story. In a time where we cannot assume people understand what happened that first Christmas, let alone why it happened, this short book brings clarity to both telling the story and explaining its relevance and impact. We will be giving it out at different events this Christmas as a gift for people to take away. Unlike paper tracts that can quite easily be discarded quickly, the quality of production of the booklet will mean that it is more likely to be kept and engaged with.’

We invite you to do the same – who could your church members give this to this Christmas?

HOPE Together

Rachel Jordan-Wolf leads HOPE Together, an organisation founded to see everyone, everywhere come to know Jesus!

HOPE believe that this great mission of God’s is the calling of the local Church. They are here to help, resource, encourage and inspire your and other local churches to work together to fulfil this great commission.


Here are more fantastic, accessible and creative Christmas resources to help churches share the true hope of Christmas!

Gift of Christmas Book

This beautifully illustrated new book explains the Christian history behind our Christmas traditions.

We hope the Gift of Christmas will be passed out at Carol Services, Christmas parties and neighbourhood events alike.

View the book internals here.

With a QR code to a digital copy of Luke’s Gospel’s Christmas passage, this accessible and informative book is a great way to introduce people to the ultimate gift, Jesus!

Starting as low as £1.75 each for 51+ books, or £1.60 for 200+, you can order your copies here.

Christmas Cards

This year we have created two lovely options for your adult and children’s Christmas cards!

Our adult Christmas card has been created in partnership with the artist Sara Sherwood. It shows an inspiring painting of Saint Paul’s called ‘Trust, follow the star’  and includes a QR code to a digital copy of Luke’s Gospel’s Christmas passage.

Starting at £4 for a pack of 10 cards, with discounts for bulk purchases, you can order your copies here.