“I’m able to help”

If you’re able to offer help to your local community, please download and print the “I’m able to help” slip below.

Complete your details, tick how you can help, and deliver them to your local area. Think outside the box – people may need all sorts of support at this time – you could source and email links to online sermons for somebody; you could offer to take their dog for a walk or collect a daily newspaper.

Also, be mindful of those who may not have access to the internet or a printer – perhaps you could print and deliver several blank slips to your neighbours.

“I’m able to help” slip

“I need help”

If you know of anyone in isolation or who may be unable to get out and about, please pass on the “I need help” slip so that they can display this in their window if they need to contact someone or have nobody living locally to help them.

“I need help” slip


Please ensure you wash your hands before and after delivering any leaflets, and keep a distance of 2m between anyone you come into contact with. For security, it is advisable to include only your locality/road name on the forms and not your complete address.