At the end of last year, Pinner Baptist Church undertook a Christmas project through two local schools providing hampers for low-income families. Following the project’s success, they knew they wanted to continue serving the local community in a similarly practical way.

In January, they brought together several church members who had a particular interest and passion for doing something. After exploring several ideas, it was agreed that the most straightforward option would be to support two local food banks on a monthly basis.

We have found that by doing a monthly collection and making a regular event – it has become a way to connect with the local community. Those donating sometimes stay for a chat and we’ve even had local businesses getting involved. So as well as making a positive impact in the lives of those using the foodbanks, we also have the opportuntiy to build relationships as a church as the local community unites for the benefit of others.

Operating the project has been a real blessing to all involved. As John and Margaret comment, ‘We are fortunate to have sufficient and it is good to share with those who don’t have enough. It is good to meet people as they bring their donations, and to work with similar minded people.’

With many facing financial difficulties and uncertainty after the pandemic, it is a privilege to be able to help others, sharing the gifts the Lord has given, just as Jesus talked about in Matthew 25. 

Download the attached PDF for more info, and tips for your church’s project!


It includes tips and information such as:

  • How to decide which organisations to support
  • Co-ordinating volunteers
  • Publicising the collection
  • …and more practical pointers!

If you or your church is involved with foodbank collection or distribution, we’d love to hear from you – email us with your experiences and thoughts here!