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Tim Roberts

It was the week COVID-19 started to seriously interrupt our lives and routines, and mess with our heads. After an unusually frantic, broken night of semi-sleep, I got up with this stirring in my gut, a prompting of the Holy Spirit, to make a bold statement of my faith in Jesus.

I woke up thinking about my secondary school friends, to whom I was a weak witness to say the least. I was a weekend, ‘commuting’ Christian, and I had almost effectively set myself the goal of not being ‘shamed’ as a Christian before I left that school. That was to my shame. A few years later I truly became a Christ-follower, obsessed with His kingdom.

Now, as a church leader for over 21 years, I am very public about my faith. Yet I think some people (my old friends) may think it’s just my job. They may not realise that I lead a church because of who I believe in, not the other way around. So I woke up and resolved, “Today I am going to go online and share my faith for these people. A simple, brief, Facebook video.”

In the gym that morning, I thought this needed to be about who Jesus is (as risen Lord, as God incarnate) rather than about how He makes us feel. Jesus is Lord, not merely our ‘need-meet-er’.

The morning’s business was taking over, so before lunchtime and with a renewed unction to ‘just say it’, I grabbed my phone, went outside the fire exit of our church building and pressed record. No tripod, no script, first take. And then clicked ‘Publish’.

The result has been amazing. Within a few minutes, our church-planting partner in Slovakia asked for me to make it public, so he could share it to his circle of friends. And so did many others – see for yourself the results below, over two thousand views, many shares, and it is still growing.

There was some healthy interaction too… with some of those school friends I never shared the gospel with. To God be the glory!

Before you watch it, can I encourage you to pray and think about how you can use this lockdown time of uncertainty and fear, of anxiety and people asking big questions, to be bold and share your trust in Jesus.

The world is listening. Share your faith! Speak clearly, speak boldly. Stand on the Rock of your salvation – what do you have to lose that isn’t worth the risk?

This is my video – why not record yours now!

Unfriend me if you will, but after you’ve heard me out…

Posted by Tim Roberts on Wednesday, 18 March 2020