We all want our friends to know Jesus, but it can be hard to know how to tell them about Him when we can’t see them – to talk with them over a meal, for example.

So, we thought we’d help everyone come up with a ‘testimony takeaway’ that is perfect for sharing when we are all locked down! Like the best takeaways, these testimonies are timely, quick to make and easy to share – a simple video in a WhatsApp chat or social media post that will share how you are and Whose you are!

tim roberts pastor facebook video

Tim Roberts Writes…

“I woke up and resolved, “Today I am going to go online and share my faith for these people. A simple, brief, Facebook video.”

I thought this needed to be about who Jesus is (as risen Lord, as God incarnate) rather than about how He makes us feel. Jesus is Lord, not merely our ‘need-meet-er’. I grabbed my phone, went outside…and pressed record. No tripod, no script, first take. And then clicked ‘Publish’.

“Can I encourage you to pray and think about how you can use this time of uncertainty and fear, of anxiety and people asking big questions, to be bold and share your trust in Jesus.”

How it works:

Sam, Marie and Rachel share why the campaign started and the simple way that you can create your own #TestimonyTakeaway.


How you can get involved:

Never thought about or presented your testimony before? Or perhaps you feel overwhelmed by not knowing where to start in sharing your faith? Worry not! Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we can ALL be used as part of God’s plan to lead others to salvation, whatever your journey looks like.

There are a few basic points that you should consider when sharing so we’ve created a simple ‘How-To’ guide for you to download.


DOWNLOAD – Creating your Testimony

How it looks to others:

Every testimony will be entirely unique. Here is a #TestimonyTakeaway example post from Marie here at the Hope 15:13 team.


Here is my #TestimonyTakeaway. Thank you for my nomination to share how I’ve been saved! I pray it reaches whoever needs to hear this today and I nominate my lovely friends @AnnaSmith and @StephanieWright to share their own stories!



So come and share your Testimony Takeaway today – you don’t need to wait to be nominated!! Don’t forget:


  • Download the simple steps to creating your testimony
  • Record a short 2-minute video
  • Upload to any (or every!) social media platform
  • Use the hashtag #TestimonyTakeaway
  • Nominate two friends to share their own Testimony Takeaway


When you’ve nominated your friends, why not send them a private message directing them to this website so that they can download any useful resources to help them create their own Testimony Takeaway? Or even share our quick download with them by copy and pasting this link: https://hope1513.com/hope1513/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Testimony-Takeaway.pdf


Please feel free to tag us in your post too: @_hope1513. We’d love to hear how Christ has been working in your life!