Paul Williams has worked at home for the past 4 years, while building a successful property management business with HIP Homes. Here, he shares his experience and shortlists the top ten most useful tips for a productive day:


  1. Create a designated work space. Ideally this would be a spare room to have separation so you go to that room to work and the rest of the house is for leisure. If this is not possible use a quiet area of your home. The work space should have a desk and a comfortable office-type chair. This will prevent you from developing back/neck pain
  2. Set work hours and stick to them. Remember when you work from home you save on time commuting don’t end up working extended hours. Use that extra time to spend with family, exercise etc
  3. Don’t work in your PJs – Get dressed for success – it will improve your productivity
  4. Avoid distractions – stay away from social media, TV programmes. Listen to music instead
  5. Plan your days – create a daily to-do list, setting the items in order of priority. Set reminders if you have a calendar. Any items not completed on that day can be rolled over to the following day’s list
  6. Take regular short 5-10 minute breaks – this will recharge the brain and improve your productivity
  7. Stay connected with your work colleagues. Schedule daily catch-ups via phone or video calls
  8. Schedule periods of the day when you will be proactive i.e. new ideas, strategy and planning and reactive i.e. emails, calls and tasks
  9. If your work involves being on the phone for long periods of time invest in a headset which will free up both your hands to make notes etc.
  10. Prepare your meals either the night before or first thing in the morning