Husband and wife team Ben and Andreea Wright are the founders of Fruitful Families and creators of the games and resources. They are based in London, United Kingdom where they currently live with family and are members of Pinner Baptist Church. Ben and Andreea have been involved in children’s ministry for a number of years, serving in Kid’s Church and more recently leading a Youth Alpha Course together with a team from their local church. ​Ben and Andreea are both running a small business, Pinner Music Academy, a company they founded together. The couple is passionate about sharing God with the little ones and truly believe that discipleship starts at the home, in the early years, with parents sharing, modelling and living for Christ.

Crown and Crosses (age 5+) 

The Crowns and Crosses series is designed to assist kids in learning about God’s character and memorising Bible verses that keep this knowledge close. A few characteristics of God are explored in this series, these are: love (this particular game), good, kind, powerful, and faithful.

Bible Blanks (6+ ALL AGES)

The purpose of this game is to assist children in memorising bible verses that offer them guidance for their behaviours and thoughts.
We recommend that before playing this game you pray that God would guide your children in a personal way as they play and memorise the Bible verses. The ICB (International Children’s Bible) has been used for the Bible verses so that children can memorise in a language that is understandable and familiar to them.



About Fruitful Families’ Ministry
Our mission is rooted in John 15:5. We want to assist parents in discipling their children at home in a fun and engaging way in order for them to bear fruit that will advance the Kingdom of God. We believe discipleship starts at home. Today, children are exposed to more stimulation than ever before, competing for their attention can be challenging! We have developed materials and resources for children (and their ever-changing attention spans!) to ensure that they learn fruitfully. These materials aim to be a great additional to daily family Bible time. Our Prayer is that these resources will support parents in discipling children at home, bringing children closer to God and closer to their families.
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